What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a specific style of photography that focuses on intimate and sensual photographs. Most boudoir shoots take place in a photo studio or inside your home and bedroom. Most people choose to do a boudoir shoot to then gift the photos to their partner, most often as a wedding day gift. 

Why should you do a boudoir session?

There are so many reasons why you could book a boudoir photo session. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, to try something new, connect to yourself and see yourself in a new light. Let me explain! 

Confidence boost from boudoir!

Personally I think boudoir is such a great experience for you to get in tune with yourself in new ways. To see yourself from a different perspective. You may be in new outfits that make you feel beautiful, posed in ways that highlight your features in ways you haven’t seen. The way I felt after doing a boudoir session was next level. The confidence boost and just overall fun time I had. It was epic. 

Taken at this Seattle Studio.

Celebrate a life transition.

I feel like most people book boudoir when they’re getting married, to celebrate being pregnant or as a celebratory birthday photoshoot. It’s a perfect excuse to celebrate and capture any new chapter in your life. But just because most people book for these reasons doesn’t mean you have to have an excuse. Do it just because you want to have a moment to celebrate yourself where ever you’re at. 

Pamper yourself.

This is the perfect excuse to get your hair and makeup done or treat yourself to a new outfit. Treat yourself because you deserve to feel beautiful and pampered and celebrated for exactly who you are. This session is about you and feeling special and beautiful! 

Taken at I Am Creative Space.

Push yourself.

If you’re feeling like you need a little push out of your comfort zone boudoir could be the perfect thing for you. It’s challenging and thrilling to put yourself out there in this way. As a photographer it’s my job to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens. If you’re hoping to book a boudoir session be sure to find a photographer you can trust and feel comfortable with. Stepping in front of the camera can feel awkward to begin with so be sure to find a photographer who makes you feel safe and open to try something new!

Tips for successful boudoir photography.

  1. Pick a photographer who makes you feel seen and safe. It’s our job to create an environment you feel safe in to try new things as being in front of the camera is usually a pretty new and strange feeling for most people. This is the most important tip for creating photos you’ll love. You and your photographer are a team so make sure you feel a connection with them and their work!
  2. Try and relax and have fun with it! It’s supposed to be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Try not to overthink it, trust your photographer and lean into the full experience! I bet you’ll be very surprised by yourself and the end product. You got this! 
  3. Make it a day. Take your time, enjoy each part of the process. Don’t rush through it all, I feel like such an important part of boudoir is embracing yourself and connecting to yourself and that’s hard to do if you’re rushing and not present. To prep do things that you enjoy and relax you. Set out your clothes the day before. Take your time with your hair and makeup. It’s a treat yourself day! 
  4. Pick outfits you love and are excited about. Even if it feels out of your comfort zone, choose pieces that you love and can bring out the confidence in you! Try different things you might surprise yourself.
  5. Get your hair and makeup done in a way that feels like you. Whether you love a full glam or a more natural look, I’d hate for you to look back at the photos and be like ugh I had way to much makeup on I don’t like these they don’t look like me. If you hire someone for hair and makeup be very honest with what you’re wanting and bring inspiration pictures with ideas. If you’re looking for hair and makeup artists in the Seattle area Kenzie Grace and Natalie Thompson are my go to gals. If you need other wedding vendor recommendations in the Greater Seattle area check out my recommended vendor list here

Final Thoughts

I hope this helped answer what is boudoir photography for you! If you’re thinking of booking a boudoir photoshoot but still aren’t sure message me here and we can see if boudoir is the right fit for you at this time! My ultimate goal is to build a connection with you, collaborate and work together to bring your dream photos to life. I can’t wait to answer your questions and chat all things photo!

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