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From Sparks to Sparkler: Wedding Planning Tips to Crafting Your Dream Wedding After the “Yes!”

The ring gleams on your finger, a symbol of joy radiating the giddiness in your heart. You’re engaged, lovebirds, and the whirlwind of wedding planning calls! But amidst the Pinterest boards and venue tours, a whisper might arise: where do I even begin? Fear not, dear soon-to-be spouses! This guide is your compass, navigating the post-engagement excitement and helping you turn your dream wedding into reality. Here’s all the wedding planning tips you need if you’re newly engaged!

1. Savor the Sparkle: First things first, bask in the bliss! This is a magical time, so hold onto it. Share the news with loved ones, relive the proposal with photos, and simply revel in the joy of being engaged. Let the ring be a constant reminder of the love, the vows, and the future you’re building together. Your engagement season will fly, by and you only get one, so soak in every moment leading up to your wedding day! If I could only give you one wedding planning tips it would be this one!

2. Celebrate the Milestones: Mark the journey with joy! Plan a small engagement party with close friends and family, go on a weekend getaway to celebrate your new status, or take a cooking class together to try out some wedding menu ideas. These shared experiences will deepen your bond and add sweet memories to your engagement phase.

3. Pace Yourself: No need to dive into wedding planning spreadsheets quite yet! Take a breather, enjoy quality time with your fiancé(e), and celebrate your engagement without the pressure of immediate planning. Dream, browse, and gather inspiration, but allow yourselves the space to simply be engaged.

4. Budget Talk: Reality check time. Discuss your wedding budget openly and honestly, considering both your dreams and financial realities. This sets the foundation for all future planning, avoiding any surprises down the line. Be flexible, prioritize your must-haves, and remember, the biggest investment is in your love and future together.

5. Guest List Brainstorming: Who will witness your “I do’s”? Jot down a preliminary guest list, considering logistics and budget. It’s okay to refine it later, but having a starting point helps with venue selection and planning. Remember, it’s your day, so prioritize those who truly matter to you and your partner.

6. Dream Team Assembly: Start building your wedding tribe! Research and reach out to vendors who resonate with your style and vibe. Photographers, planners, caterers, and florists will help turn your vision into reality. It’s so important to choose people who inspire you and with whom you feel a connection. They are going to be with you throughout the entire wedding planning process. Set clear expectations from the beginning and work together to bring your dream wedding to life! We are here to serve you! If you aren’t sure what to ask when chatting with potential vendors, here’s a list of specific questions for each vendor to get the most out of your consult calls! Check out the list of questions here!

I’d suggest reaching out to wedding venues and photographers first. It’s trickier to book all your vendors if you don’t have a date and location for your big day. Experienced wedding photographers have great insight on venues and vendors as we usually work somewhere new with different vendors each wedding day. I’d love to hear about all your plans and what you’re envisioning for your wedding and offer suggestions of venues and vendors to reach out to. Once you’ve picked your venue and date, booking all other vendors becomes a breeze!

7. Venue Vision: Do you crave adventurous landscapes or elegant ambiance? Start researching venues that fit your style and guest count. Be sure to check to make sure the venue can hold enough people for your guest count. If you have special things you want to incorporate into your wedding day, like bringing your pet or getting your dinner catered by a certain restaurant, as about their rules on those things too. Remember, location sets the tone for your entire celebration, so choose wisely! Consider the season you’d like to get married in and any unique features that might resonate with your love story. Remember to ask other vendors, like your photographer ;), about different venue suggestions!

8. Engagement Session Bliss: Capture the joy of your newly engaged adventure with an engagement session! Engagement sessions are perfect for newly engaged couples. It’s the perfect time to explore your love story through photos and tell your story. You have the chance to connect with your wedding day photographer, making your wedding run smoother and get you comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll have gorgeous keepsakes and wedding day confidence! These photos are great to use for your wedding decor as well, like your save the dates, invitations, table numbers, guest books and so much more!

9. Breathe & Enjoy: This is a marathon, not a sprint! Pace yourselves, delegate tasks, and remember to simply enjoy the journey. Let the excitement fuel your wedding planning, but don’t forget to steal moments of bliss with your love. Take walks in the park, cook cozy dinners together, and plan fun dates to enjoy your engagement season to the fullest!

10. Remember, It’s Your Story: This is your wedding, not a Pinterest replica. Embrace your unique love story, infuse it into every detail, and don’t be afraid to break the mold. Let your personalities shine through, choose elements you truly love, and create a celebration that reflects the authentic you, as a couple.

Now breathe deeply, lovebirds, and embark on this exciting adventure together. Let this guide be your lantern, shedding light on the path as you turn your post-engagement sparkle into a wedding day as radiant and unforgettable as your love.

Now go forth and plan! I hope these wedding planning tips have inspired you. Your dream wedding awaits, brimming with joy, laughter, and the promise of a lifetime together.

Since you are about to begin your wedding planning journey, I would love to connect and help bring your big day to life! Contact me here and we’ll get the ball rolling. I can’t wait to talk all things wedding!

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