This Seattle rooftop engagement session is proof that no matter what the weather is, rain or shine it can be amazing! Emily and Jordan were great sports when it started to sprinkle during their rooftop engagement session but were still so in love with how the photos came out! Every couple wants to have a beautiful sunny day for their engagement session but here in Seattle, that may not be possible, especially during the Spring. 

I like to tell my couples in advance that this may happen and the best way to approach it is by embracing the moment! Bad weather during your engagement session may disappoint but it doesn’t have to ruin the moment or the day! As a Seattle-based photographer, I know how to deal with any and all weather that comes and goes throughout the seasons. I’m able to work with the lighting to make sure we can still create magical moments and get stunning images! As long as you embrace the moment and enjoy your time with your partner we will get those photos you are wanting! Just like we did for Emily and Jordan! 

Seattle Washington Engagement Photos on Rooftop

Rooftop Engagement in the Rain

Although it was a cloudy and rainy day, they truly made the most of it! They were enthusiastic and excited, having so much fun in front of the camera! They were just so focused on them and their love, they brought such bright energy to the shoot. Through the cold and rain, they made the most of it!

Downtown Seattle couples session on the rooftop

Couples Love Story 

When Emily told me about her and Jordan’s love story I just about lost my mind! They had initially met on Tinder and Emily wasn’t entirely sure if she was into him. They lost contact but he ended up finding her on Facebook because they had mutual friends! What a small world right?! But as much as she tried to avoid him they ended up going on a date and they hadn’t spent a day apart since! I truly believe that when things are meant to be in your life they’ll find a way! 

Couples photos in the rain for a rooftop engagement session

Both she and Jordan are SO SWEET. They genuinely have so much love and respect for each other. The way Jordan talks about and to Emily every time I see them is so inspiring and reassuring that true love exists. He’s so supportive and talks so highly of her. They are such a  super sweet, fun, and bubbly couple! 

Seattle Washington Engagement Photos on Rooftop

Final Thoughts

It was such a blast capturing Emily and Jordan’s Seattle rooftop engagement session! I actually went to Jr. High school with Emily so when she reached out to me to capture her engagement session I was SO excited! We spent so much time together in Jr. High from science class, hanging out after school, and running together! However, she ended up moving away for high school and I hadn’t seen her since then! But we ended up crossing paths again and reconnected over photos I had taken of her and Jordan back in January of 2021! Since we’ve been really close for a while I knew this session was going to be one to remember and it was!

Looking for a Seattle Washington engagement and wedding photographer for your special day? Let’s plan it together! 

I can’t wait to capture your love and connection as naturally as possible! 

Couples photos in the rain for a rooftop engagement session
Couples photos in the rain for a rooftop engagement session
Downtown Seattle couples session
Seattle Washington Engagement Photos

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