As a Seattle wedding and engagement photographer with a passion for candid moments, I’ve photographed many engagement sessions in this beautiful state. Whether you’re a local couple or planning a destination engagement shoot, these scenic spots will make your photographs truly unforgettable. Let’s dive into some of my favorite Seattle engagement photo locations!

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations

Discovery Park Beach

When it comes to dreamy Seattle engagement photo locations, Discovery Park Beach takes the cake. Picture soft sand beneath your feet, waves crashing gently in the background, and a panoramic view of the Puget Sound. It’s like stepping into your very own romantic movie!

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations with Candid engagement photos

Discovery Park Beach offers a mesmerizing blend of rugged coastline, picturesque driftwood, and panoramic views of Puget Sound. This secluded spot provides an intimate and romantic setting for your engagement photos, especially during the golden hour when the soft light illuminates the ocean. 

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations with Candid engagement photos

Discovery Park Fields

Adjacent to the beach, the open fields of Discovery Park provide the perfect backdrop for engagement photos. The rolling meadows, tall grasses, and towering trees create a whimsical and dreamy ambiance. Not only that but, the versatility of Discovery Park Fields allows for a variety of shots, from close-ups to sweeping panoramic views of Seattle’s skyline.

Candid Engagement photos at Seattle Engagement Photo Locations

If you’re a couple that loves the great outdoors, the Discovery Park Fields will steal your hearts.  Picture yourself immersed in a sea of tall grasses, creating an enchanting ambiance that’s ideal for candid shots!

Washington Arboretum

Another favorite Seattle engagement photo location of mine is the Washington Arboretum! The Washington Park Arboretum is a botanical wonderland! It’s full of lush gardens, blooming flowers, and tranquil ponds. With countless scenic spots to explore, this urban oasis offers a blend of natural beauty and stunning architecture. From the stunning Japanese Garden to the vibrant Azalea Way, each corner of the arboretum holds its own charm.

Golden Gardens 

Looking for a mix of urban charm and beachy vibes? Then you must check out Golden Gardens! This picturesque park is a true gem, with sandy beaches, majestic dunes, and breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. 

Fun Engagement photos at Seattle Engagement Photo Locations
Dreamy Seattle Engagement Photo locations

For couples seeking a mix of natural and urban settings, Golden Gardens is an ideal choice. As the sun sets, the soft golden light casts a warm glow, creating a magical atmosphere for your engagement session. It’s the perfect location to capture candid moments as you walk along the shore, embrace amidst the tall grass, or even dance on the beach!

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations with Candid engagement photos

University of Washington

The University of Washington campus is a treasure trove of engagement photo opportunities. It offers a blend of historic architecture, lush greenery, and vibrant cherry blossom trees. The iconic Suzzallo Library with its intricate details provides an elegant backdrop, while the Quad with its vibrant flowers and lawns offers a colorful setting. Whether you’re alumni or simply captivated by the university’s charm, the campus provides endless possibilities for candid and romantic shots!

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations with Candid engagement photos

Rooftop of a Garage in Seattle

For a unique and urban engagement session, consider the rooftop of a garage in Seattle! The city’s skyline serves as a dramatic backdrop and it adds a modern, edgy vibe to your engagement photos. With sweeping views of the cityscape, this unconventional location adds an edgy and modern touch to your engagement photos, perfect for couples seeking a more adventurous and contemporary vibe!

Seattle Engagement Photo Locations with Candid engagement photos

Seattle is bursting with stunning engagement photo locations, offering diverse landscapes that cater to every couple’s unique style and vision. Whether you prefer the serene beaches of Discovery Park, the botanical beauty of Washington Arboretum, or the urban charm of the cityscape, each location provides a captivating backdrop for your candid and heartfelt moments!

As a Seattle wedding and engagement photographer, I am passionate about capturing the raw emotions and genuine connections between couples. If you’re searching for a Seattle photographer to document your love contact me through my website! Working with me means natural, authentic true-to-you photos. My main goal is to capture your love and connection as naturally as possible. We’re here to celebrate the real you! Let’s celebrate together! 

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